Balanced Mixers

Balanced Mixers


     Typical LO Input Requirement:  +10 dBM

                    Options        •  diode bias for operation with low L.O. power

                                         •  micrometer driven tuners

                                         •  integrated IF amplifier

                                         •  custom units

                            Ordering Information

          Also specify the following:    LO frequency and range

                                                                       Flange patterns ( if non standard )

                                                                        IF connector ( if other than SMA )

         Example:    To order a Balanced Mixer for operation at an RF frequency of 146 GHz to 148 GHz

          and 152 GHz to 154 GHz with an LO frequency of 150 GHz, with both RF and LO in WR-6

          waveguide, and an IF frequency of 2.0-4.0 GHz and a maximum double sideband (DSB) noise      

          figure of 5.5 dB, specify : ZBM 6/5.5/150-3/2.    Subject to change without notice.

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