Harmonic Mixers



    •  20 GHz to 350 GHz Models

    •  Compact Rugged Package Design

    •  Custom Units Available

Harmonic Mixers


        Options Available:  •  diode bias for operations with low L.O. power

                                        •  micrometer driven tuners

                                        •  integrated IF amplifier

                                        •  custom units

      Ordering Information



        Also specify the following:            LO range ( if any )

                                                                Flange pattern ( if non standard )

                                                        IF connector ( if other than SMA )

        Example:   To order a Harmonic Mixer from 92 to 94 GHz with a minimum output power of 20 mW

        over the tuning range, a WR-10 output waveguide, and a standard UG-387/UM flange pattern, specify a

        ZHM 10/20/93.   Subject to change without notice.

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