PIN Switches






                                      26 GHz to 115 GHz Models

                                      Up To 40 dB Isolation

                                      < 100 nsecs Switching Speed

                                      Integrated TTL Drives

SPST PIN Switches

Options Available:     •  integrated TTL driver

                                                        •  multi-throw, SP2T, SP4T, SP8T.....

                    •  custom units

Ordering Information

Also specify the following:  Flange pattern ( if non standard )

Example:   To order an SPST PIN Switch with a minimum isolation of 20 dB and an insertion loss maximum of 2 dB over a  92 to 94 GHz frequency range, a WR-10 waveguide, and a standard UG-387/Um flange pattern,  specify a ZPIN 10/2-20/93/2.   Subject to change.

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